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The Marke Nightclub In Downtown Los Angeles Newest Hot spot. The Marke Nightclub Provides You With Two Rooms And One Patio Dj’s Playing The Best In Your Music and Has Great Bottle Specials.  Our night clubs offers the best in guest lists, bottle services, and birthday parties within Los Angeles.

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The Marke Nightclub Saturday Special Events:

Coming Soon Specials

Coming Soon Specials

The Marke Nightclub

Friday Events:

The Marke Nightclub Fridays 21+

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The Marke Nightclub

Saturday Events:



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                                                           Red Cup Sunday Outdoor party 21+ Let the Sunday Funday Begin - Doors open at 3pm


Red Cup Sundays Outdoor Day Party 21+

| 1 Huge Patio |

|  1 Room |

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The Marke Nightclub is not the typical nightclub experience in the LA area involves lots of waiting in line. First you wait to get into the club, then once inside, you wait to find a decent table, you wait at the bar to get a drink, and then at closing time, you may even wait for a cab to take you home. Want to know how you can avoid all that waiting? Read on. Your goal when you go out is to have a great time drinking with friends, not trying to get a bartender to notice you so you can get your first cocktail. What I offer is a way for you to achieve that, plus hassle-free club entry with exceptional to the VIP table service. Because I work with LA clubs every day, I have the relationships and expertise to negotiate the best prices for top LA events, guest list placement, bottle service and transportation. I work as the liaison between you and the venue to create your ultimate night of partying. To start, you can get on my guest list, which means you and your entire party go directly to the front of the line and are granted cover-free entry. Many find this benefit in itself worth the price of my services. But it gets better! I can reserve one of the best tables in the place for you. So, you walk right in and are shown directly to your table overlooking the dance floor or near the stage, for example. Even better than that, when you order bottle service, you get full bottles of alcohol and mixers served directly to your table by a dedicated staff member whenever you need a drink. The Marke Nightclub is the place to be at . Add to that a place to be on  the  guest list and bottle service, and you are in for the experience of a lifetime! I can make all of that happen. Even though what I’ve described sounds like it’s way beyond what you might want to spend on a night out, that doesn’t have to be the case. Don’t get me wrong, you will spend a good chunk of change for the ultimate package, including top shelf alcohol, limo transport, and the best table in the house. I offer that for those who want it. But I also pride myself on offering competitive prices that will get you the best experience on your budget. Whether it’s a night out celebrating your birthday, a bachelor party, or just an excuse to get all your friends together in one place, I will tell you about the hottest events and the very best way to be a part of them. As a Los Angeles resident or a visitor to our great city, your money will be well-spent on an evening I create just for you and your party. Contact me for an epic experience you’ll never forget! The Marke Nightclub Los Angeles

The Marke Nightclub Vip Guest List

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